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The Kings Castle
16th-Oct-2007 02:56 am - ha...hahaha....irony
quiet clark
this quiet clark icon amanda made me is pretty fitting for the mood i'm in.
I've been seeing this amanda chick for a couple weeks and it got hot and heavy.
then i went the gym and she was kissing another dude, who happened to be her boyfriend. which SUCKED.
but there is this other girl i've been looking at for quiet some time. shes so perfect. smart, funny, beautiful...yet...shes always down on herself and i do my best to help her realize how amazing she is. I could show her how amazing she is. None of these losers shes interested in could even show her 1/3 of what she's worth....


i just spent a good 3 hours or so helping her get the guy she was going for?

is it because i wanted to see her happy without consequence to me? is it because i'm a bitch and can't go for what i want?

maybe i'm way to concerned for other people to care about myself?

i'll eventually do things for myself one day....
10th-Oct-2007 04:36 am - Jon Stewart
the die has been cast
I was talking with a guy in my marketing class who thinks The Daily Show is the worst political show ever. FUCKING DUH! It's a COMEDY SHOW. It makes FUN of people in the news, mainly politicians.

The teacher even got into it. He argued for Stewart. But they still categorized it with the O'Riley Factor, Cross Fire...

I had to show them the clip from Stewart from Crossfire where he tries to tell them that they're a comedy show. "We follow a show were puppets make crank calls". They still don't get it.

All this man does is take clips from political interview and picks them apart, yeah 90% of the time they'll say or do something thats deemed unfit for society. Then Jon Stewart jumps into bash mode and just rips them a new one.

"Well what about the politicians on the show"

what about them? they're guests. who in their right mind doesn't find this gold?

find me a stewart or colbert clip that asks a hard hitting stumping question? (that doesn't make fun of something someone said or asks a complete joke question). You'll be hard pressed to find it.

But why is Jon Stewart a good politician? He isn't one. He just takes what everyone says and puts in in words normal people can understand....and then makes fun of it.
10th-Oct-2007 04:16 am - I AM AMERICA!
the die has been cast
So I'm watching ABC news and I find out Stephen Colbert was on good morning America. and all I can say is.....I WANT HIS BOOK! dear lord! ladies and gentlemen I am currently watching....and I don't think this something you'll see on youtube (okay it probably will be) but I am watch the one dance that will get me ladies....ladies and gentlemen...the Colbert Shuffle!!!! I suggest wearing some sort of eye goggle protection while viewing...its like the sun...stare at it to long and you'll go blind.
9th-Oct-2007 03:02 am - Itchy Scrotum
green arrow
So I got me some employment at Circuit City.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to learn an entire new store layout. They're moving over on Oneida by Best Buy. this part time seasonal kid has some studying to do.

and yes, The title of this post is Itchy Scrotum because I couldn't think of anything else.
8th-Oct-2007 04:01 am - Green Bay is singing tonight!
quiet clark
So tonight is a great night to be in Green Bay. What a way for the Bears to ruin the Packers fun? First defeat of the season, at Lambeau! The only thing that could have made this better is if it was favres last game. And I have one question? since when did Jolly become a cage fighter? did anyone else that watched the game see him through the high knee during the blocking struggle ? anyway onto important things: To update on Project: Elements its going better than expected and I'm ahead of schedule (yes I've time tabled it if you want to see it....to bad). Tomorrow starts phase 3, which will be the toughest part, but I want this so it's going to happen. I'm starting this mantra "If you want to do do it the best", I might have it put on a shirt or made into a lunch box or something. I was watching the Rock of Love reunion and it ended kind of retarded like, Jess said that Heather was the one for Brett but it didn't end up as them being a couple or Jess and Brett calling it off. But anyway, about half way through the show they played the song "Something to Believe In" so I went ahead and downloaded it. And I realized that....the band Poison was put on earth for one reason, to make music for me. To sing songs...to me. I've had people say to me "Wouldn't it be cool if everyone had their own personal soundtrack" well ladies and gentlemen, I do. Brett Michaels, CC Deville, and Riki Rocket were put together to write songs for and about me. "every rose has it's thorns" is for when i'm being heart broken and "something to believe in" is for when i'm questioning myself and faith and "aint nothing but a good time" is for every other day. Well I'm off to bed. P.S. for those interested I went home this weekend. Went to the game plan on friday night and that was really good (there has not been a movie staring the rock i havent disliked yet). Saturday went to famers for dinner and that was sweet. Went to b-rads saturday night. the usual there. I don't think I'll be going home any more than once a month though unless something urgent happens.
3rd-Oct-2007 04:03 am(no subject)
bad bear
Shaun Facts (I will add more as they come to me) (I've added one extra for a LJ exclusive)

Shaun loves Chinese Food
Shaun's favorite beer is Miller Lite
Shaun will watch an entire game of baseball...on television
Shaun has appeared on WWE television numerous times spanning both Smackdown and Raw
Shaun has seen HHH live, thats is close to greatness he feels he will ever come
Shaun enjoys Green Bay more than Iron Mountain, If it weren't for family, he wouldn't go back
Shaun wants his first time to be to the song SOS by Rihanna
Shaun thinks skateboarders are giant douches
Shaun thinks the only rights animals have are the right to be eaten
Shaun's second passion in life is to be a chef
As of 1:15AM all of Shaun's swim wear resides in his middle desk drawer
Even though Shaun owns an X-Box 360 Elite, he would rather have a Playstation 3
Shaun thinks that the only people who hate Guitar Hero are those who suck at it....badly
Shaun's favorite actor hands down is Tom Welling
Shaun enjoys music by Justin Timberlake
Shaun HATES Fords but drives one anyway
There is nothing more important to Shaun than family.
Shaun enjoys country music a lot but has still kept his roots to rock
Shauns first passion in life is to have a wife and kids
Since moving to Green Bay Shaun has become more of a risk taker
Shaun can buy liquor and beer from a store down the street, even though he is only 20
Shaun just got employed at Old Navy
Shaun loves dressing nice and wear suits
Shaun likes any song by Colbie Cailat
Shaun thinks South Park hits it dead on when it comes to the theory of evolution
Shaun HATES it when people call...don't leave a voice message then say "dude where were you?! *important thing here* and we tried calling you like 50 times!
Shaun remembers his first dance with a girl and what song it was to (Leann Gingras and All My Life by KC & Jo Jo)
The only thing to ever make Shaun cry is the episode of Smallville entitled "Vengeance"...literally the last 90 seconds (for those who have seen the episode you know what I'm talking about)
The three sites Shaun visits on the internet are Myspace, Facebook, and Wrestlezone
Shaun thinks the movie thank you for smoking teaches a person how to never be wrong.
30th-Sep-2007 11:15 pm - So midnight tonight
Dan and Jordan came down for the weekend and it was fun. We went to the New Zoo yesterday and then lastnight we went to Curlys pup. As we were leaving they did a fireworks display outside the stadium so the 15 dollar bill was well worth it. We then went to coldstone to get some ice cream and I have to say coldstone puts storeheims to shame.

After a weekend of partying like a rockstar and not sleeping Monday starts Project:Elements phase 2. (I love naming what I'm doing little code names and phases, makes it seem secretive, which in this case it is)

I'm watching The Run Down, which after this all I have to see is The Game plan and I will have seen every movie The Rock has been in. I hade the date with that girl I mentioned a couple nights ago. I'd tell you how it went but a gentleman doesn't take a girl out for dinner, pay for it, and get a kiss and tell.
29th-Sep-2007 04:40 am - One Thing
the die has been cast
I'm here to say one thing

I know I've done it time and time again but THIS is for sure.....with out a doubt the changing post. Project elements is an idea that I'm going to be different. That I am going to be someone society can be proud of. Someone that is useful in other ways than comedic relive and childish antics.

I would like to apologize to those who I have hurt in the last few years. as much as I hate it I am like my uncle Hank....I hate that I do things only for me. I do. The Icon I have set as my default is kind of fitting. Lex Luthor is a person who only cares for himself and he will do anything and say anything get his way, and up until now I didn't realize thats how I am. As much as I'd like to say I am doing what I do for others, I'm not. I realize now that my selfishness is not going to get me the things I want in life.

So to those who I've hurt and this is from the bottom of my heart,

I'm sorry.

I don't expect you to accept my apology...or even acknowledge it for that matter, but just know I'm turning a new leaf. This Shaun is dead and gone.
28th-Sep-2007 01:34 am - So I have me a date.....
the die has been cast
So we're leaving Blockbuster and Ben goes "you should go and ask her to hang out" so I go into blockbuster again and she isn't at the counter, instead there is some fat guy and I almost back out! but I see her putting movies away on the far wall. I go to talk to her and some hindu child decides to knock the movie shelf down so the gentleman I am I help her put it all back together. I then proceed to ask her what a good comedy movie is...but nothing to gross (mind you she rented us knocked up before I went back in)so she suggests a movie and then I go "what time does this place close?" and she tells me the hours of the store and then I go well when your done you want to do something? and she smiles and asks for my number. Now being the realistic optimist I am I was hoping for a call but I wasn't counting on it or anything. Well she called. And now I'm having dinner with her tonight.

26th-Sep-2007 11:25 pm - So here it be
the die has been cast
So here it is...my new livejournal layout thank you Amanda!

I love it!

So I'm working today and I find out one of the guys I got trained with ended up being fired. Now being the man of curiosity I am I asked around to find out what happened and to my surprise I find out he's been taking the pants that women try on and sniffing them.....AFTER THEY TRY THEM ON! Fucking creepy, I'm glad we don't allow them to try on the underwear. As I sit here and recall all the dozens of jobs I've had since I've been 14 I realize that most of the jobs I've held, none of them have been worth while and for that matter I haven't kept a job for a year. My drive to do anything right now is zero. I don't know why...well I do, but that was explained in the last post.

I've been battling some career choices and what I really want to do. Do I want to do something in marketing? or do I want to do something else? I enjoy helping people, I get a very good sense of pride when I help someone, maybe a social worker or a therapist of some sort. Nah, I don't have the money or patients to do that. So then I got to thinking how can I help people, but not have it be the same ordinary thing every single day? I thought and thought, I could be a cop but everybody wants to be a cop now a days. But a Fireman, now that is a career. I have family in the firefighter field, and they have nothing but great things to say about it. A part of me wants to be in the military too. When I was little I loved playing Army. Maybe a career in the armed forces? All I know is whatever it is I end up doing with myself, I know it will be helping people in one capacity or another because at the end of the day all I know is...I don't feel good or feel like I have accomplished anything unless I've helped a person in one form or another.

I'd like to have a lot of money....who wouldn't? All the luxury you could have but I'm not about possessions, I want the simple things in life....A wife, A family, and most of all to be happy.

I've realized that family and friends are what is important to me. If I can lock down that last part, the girlfriend portion of it...my life will be whole.
the die has been cast
So here I sit thinking as the Justice League DVD plays in the background (It came with Superman Returns and I finally just opened it). One thing I didn't know what the Green Lanterns alias is Jon Stewart. Maybe Comedy Centrals second place news reporter (Sorry, Colbert is number one) is pulling a double shift?

I purchased the film Superman: Doomsday and it took the comic almost to a T. There is obviously some slight differences in the film and comic but it works.

Anyway, Thanks to Amanda I'm getting A new livejournal set up which will rock the house.

So until then, Read my myspace blog..

the die has been cast

18th-Sep-2007 03:11 am - Project Elements: explained
the die has been cast
I recently made a post about how Project Elements was underway. Now for those of you who wonder (by that I mean Amanda because she's the only one who said anything about it)..Project: Elements is about....Change...like the elements of life.
17th-Sep-2007 12:35 am - It Aint nothing....but a good time
the die has been cast
Okay so I've realized that Brett Michaels has the life.
Not only because he had a sweet ass band with some awesome tunes, but his TV show Rock of Love...is the show every man wishes he could have.
After watching last weeks episode I want to become famous and have a show like that. Now I know Flavor Flav had his show, but they had retarded stripper names....at least these ladies have real names.
11th-Sep-2007 01:09 am - Project Elements
the die has been cast
Project Elements is underway....
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