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The Kings Castle
This one speaks for itself as well, only...I'm going to… 
16th-Sep-2008 03:56 am
the die has been cast

This one speaks for itself as well, only...I'm going to elaborate as to why i chose this one.
I have this friend here in GB. She ALWAYS falls for the guys who treat her like shit,(now, it's a wide known fact through the people I know here that I like her)but she always goes to the same guy day in and day out. NOW, one night we got epically smashed at a friends house and we were sitting up in their loft talking and she goes "Red (that's what my friends here call me) I'm glad we're just friends and you never asked me out...we should just stay friends forever" and she passed out, now if that wasn't the sentence that murdered my soul. There needs to be a book, or some internet site, or something that tells us as guys how to avoid or get out of the friend zone.
FAST FORWARD to now she meets this kevin guy and he tells her she's pretty and deserves to be treated like she's the only woman on earth. FACT: I've been saying things like that to her FAR longer than he has, fuck, he just met her 2 weeks ago. Is there something we say or do? do we ask whats wrong one too many times? are we too supportive?
Well at any rate, this will confirm that.....as always...nice guys finish last (and no, the finish IS NOT greater, whoever said that is a fuck)

and I've added this just because I thought it was cool (40 seconds into it to be precise)

(i just like how he plays the piano in the song
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